Propack and Auto Trader unite to Unlock New Stock

21st June 2019, 12:33

Propack and Auto Trader unite to Unlock New Stock

Developing a direct mail pack for Auto Trader's internal sales teams.


On the back of the success of previous mailings, Auto Trader approached us for help in devising and designing an eyecatching DM pack for their internal sales teams. 

Auto Trader is already well established as the UK's number 1 vehicle retailer, however the company's development objective was to increase awareness of Auto Trader’s status as a supplier of NEW vehicle stock - as well as used. The DM pack's aim was to help support Sales Teams' conversations with retailers about advertising and managing new stock. It was to include printed and digital resources. 

Armed with this brief, we set about utilising our knowledge of successful DM formats, postage and the skills of our design studio to achieve these ends.

In consultation with Auto Trader, we developed a pack in a novel DM format, in a bespoke pillow box mailer - personalised to the recipient. The pack contained a number of valuable digital resources for sales staff, loaded onto an Autotrader-branded flash drive shaped like a car key. Enclosed was also a sales-strategy brochure - packed full of statistics, sales messages and insights.

Auto Trader's Product Marketing Lead said of the resulting pack, "the brochures have gone down really well" and indicated that the company were planning to roll out the idea to other areas of the business!


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